Cadwallader Elementary School

3799 Cadwallader Avenue, San Jose, California 95121
(408) 270-4950

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Cadwallader Elementary School is in the Evergreen area of San Jose.
The nearest freeway interchange is the junction of 101 and E. Capitol Expressway.
Take exit 382 for E. Capitol Expressway

On E. Capitol Expressway go East 0.7 mi. and turn right (East) onto Aborn Rd.

On Aborn Rd. go 0.9 mi. and turn right (South) onto San Felipe Rd.

Go 0.4 mi. on San Felipe Rd. and turn right onto Yerba Buena Ave.

Go 0.1 mi. on Yerba Buena Ave and turn right onto Greenleaf Ln.

At the end of Greenleaf Ln. turn left onto Cadwallader Ave.

Continue for 0.1 mi. on Cadwallader and turn right into the school parking lot.

Park on the street if the lot is full.