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The SCVFA Newsletter — the Fiddler’s Rag

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The SCVFA monthly newsletter, the Fiddler’s Rag, features articles on fiddling, music events, people, tunes, instruments, and many other topics of interest to our members. The Fiddler's Rag is sent to each household with one or more SCVFA members.

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Newsletters from 2017 (most recent first)

We've posted the March issue earlier than usual because of some errors in the print copy sent to members.

March 2017 (ed. Patrice Tanti)

  • President’s Note (p1, by Susan Goodis)
  • Welcome to new members (p1)
  • Trustees, Officers and Chairs for 2017 (p2)
  • Reminder: KidFiddle workshop at the March jam with Gary Breitbard (p2)
  • SCVFA Happenings: Slow Jam tune list; various March events; upcoming KidFiddle workshops (March and April) (p3)
  • Upcoming house concert: Evie Laden Band (p3)
  • Highlights of the annual Membership Meeting and the Special Trustee Meeting (at the Feb. jam) (p3, by Anne Raphael, Secretary)
  • Photos from the February 2017 jam (pp4,5,8)
  • Some posts from the SCVFA Facebook page (p6)
  • Tunes: Out on the Ocean and The Rose in the Heather (taught by Cindy Dinga at the January jam) (p7, arr. by Pete Showman)

February 2017 (ed. Patrice Tanti)

  • President’s Note (p1, by Susan Goodis)
  • Announcement: KidFiddle workshop at the March jam with Gary Breitbard (p2)
  • SCVFA Happenings: Membership meeting reminder; Slow Jam tune list; upcoming special SCVFA events; upcoming house concert: Evie Laden band; SCVFA’s Facebook page (p3)
  • Highlights of the Board meeting held on January 22, 2017 (p3, by Anne Raphael, Secretary)
  • Photos: January 2017 jam (pp4,5)
  • Thank-you note for SCVFA performances (p5, by Ali Barekat, Director, "Sunday Friends")
  • Farewell, Alan Jabbour (p6, by Pete Showman)
  • To the Best of Our Knowledge (p6, by Allan French)
  • RBA is Relevant to SCVFA (with link to article about RBA discontinuing) (p6, by Richard Brooks)
  • Tune: Sandy (My Little Dog ...) (from Kenny Hall, taught by Harry Liedstrand) (p7, arr. by Pete Showman)
  • Some New Year’s resolutions for SCVFA supporters (p8)

January 2017 (ed. Patrice Tanti)

  • President’s Note (p1, by Susan Goodis)
  • Some New Year’s resolutions for SCVFA supporters (p2)
  • SCVFA Happenings: Slow Jam tune list; annual SCVFA Membership Meeting announcement; new SCVFA Facebook page (p3)
  • Upcoming events: concert with Janie Rothfield Trio; “Janie’s Jumpstart” Weekend Camp (p3)
  • The Calm and the Quiet (p3, by Allan French)
  • Trustee Election in February; Candidates’ statements (Pete Showman & Élan Alford) (p4)
  • Fritz and Marge Buell (former SCVFA President and News Editor) (p5, by Pete Showman)
  • Sunday Friends (p5, by Pat Tanti)
  • Photos: December jam and potluck (pp6,8)
  • Tune: Varsovienne (taught at the January Tune Builder circle), & photo (p7, arr. by David Barton)

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